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Anyone still out there? If so, please know that we've got a lovely load of gigs coming up, at the new Gasworks on Barry Street. You may know it as the former Rios.

As you're still hanging around in the hinterlands of the internet, I should probably make you aware we've been and gone from MySpace, and are now living comfortably at Facebook. It's where all the cool kids are, and you can sign up to attend our next event here.

I should also mention to the wandering stranger that Youtube contains our One Minute Lowdowns (fear not, dial-up users!) on our forthcoming bands Berlin Black, Dead Eyes Opened and John Merrick's Remains.

That'll do for now - comment if you need more info!

Next Carpe Noctum: Fri 31 Aug

In something of a flash back to former glories, Carpe Noctum reunites Inkubus Sukkubus and Cauda Pavonis, with support from Alice Moving Under Skies at Bradford's Gasworks on Friday 31st August. Doors are at 7:30, with the bands onstage between 8 and 11 and the club night going through till 3am. Admission's a measly fiver - and we'll be announcing details for advanced tickets shortly.

You can find out more on our web micro-page (optimised for mobile browsers) or on our Facebook event page - if that's more your thing.

Also add to your diaries:
12:10:12 Carpe's thirteenth birthday bash with Rhombus, Lesbian Bed Death + support
14:12:12 The traditional yuletide bash with Berlin Black + supports

These two will also be at Gasworks, and will both be free admission all night.

Also this year...

You may also be interested in our other upcoming event ...

[see this event on facebook]

We've no firm plans beyond then but, all being well, we'd hope to be running fairly regular nights at Gasworks through next year. Naturally, a good turn-out at these upcoming nights (particularly on the 30th September) won't hurt in that regard ;)

Carpe Noctum press release.

Carpe Noctum, Bradford's notorious dark alternative club, announces a late change of venue for June's extravaganza.

With the sudden and untimely closure of the Zuu Bar, Carpe's home for the last 14 months, the quest has been on to find a suitable replacement venue at short notice for the event on June 25th, featuring Grooving in Green (featuring former members of goth legends Children on Stun and Solemn Novena) and Yorkshire post-punk outfit Siamese Twist alongside the usual club night shennanigans.

We're delighted to be able to announce that such a venue has been found, and the event has been relocated just around the corner, at Bradford Rio's. Now taking on board the excellent Motorheadesque Asomvel as co-headliners (and who doesn't love Motorhead?), we'll still be able to offer you the full Carpe Noctum club experience afterwards with our own DJs.

Our thanks to Bradford Rio's for accomodating us at such short notice.

Regular admission is just £5, or £4 in advance - contact Carpe Noctum or Rio's for advance tickets.

Event info:

After this event, Carpe Noctum will be taking its summer break as previously planned. A further announcement with regard to a new, regular home will be made in due course.

About Carpe Noctum

Defiantly independent, and resolutely not-for-profit, Carpe Noctum has been catering to the dark alternative communities of Bradford and beyond since 1999. Originally held at the world-famous 1 in 12 Club, and latterly at the New Beehive and the Zuu Bar, the night combines DJs playing goth, industrial, punk, post-punk, psychobilly, synthpop and dark alternative tunes from through the decades with the cream of live music - including Killing Miranda, Inkubus Sukkubus, Screaming Banshee Aircrew, Rhombus, The Last Cry, Squid/616 Abortions, Zombina and the Skeletones, Katscan, Devilish Presley, Luxury Stranger, Pink Hearse, The Last Cry, and many more.