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Next Carpe Noctum: Fri 31 Aug - Carpe People - We're Goths, Up North [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Carpe People

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Next Carpe Noctum: Fri 31 Aug [Jun. 5th, 2012|06:52 pm]
Carpe People



In something of a flash back to former glories, Carpe Noctum reunites Inkubus Sukkubus and Cauda Pavonis, with support from Alice Moving Under Skies at Bradford's Gasworks on Friday 31st August. Doors are at 7:30, with the bands onstage between 8 and 11 and the club night going through till 3am. Admission's a measly fiver - and we'll be announcing details for advanced tickets shortly.

You can find out more on our web micro-page (optimised for mobile browsers) or on our Facebook event page - if that's more your thing.

Also add to your diaries:
12:10:12 Carpe's thirteenth birthday bash with Rhombus, Lesbian Bed Death + support
14:12:12 The traditional yuletide bash with Berlin Black + supports

These two will also be at Gasworks, and will both be free admission all night.